Build a lighted CAR wreath.

You've seen the "trendy" soccer moms with the wreath tied to the front of their cars. Oh how festive and fun! Too bad it's incomplete though. I ran down to the local dollar store and bought a 100 white light string, a $3.00 9 inch wreath, and a car lighter fused power cord. Then got out my soldering iron and made me a lighted one that makes all the trendy SUV owners green with envy and shine my way when we are shopping or around town.

First, for legality I chose white lights, most towns have laws that make any color other than white or yellow illegal on the front of a car. You want to not attract the attention of the local police. Take the light string and cut sections of 6 to 8 lights. 6 lights will be bright on a car's electrical system, 7 dimmer and 8 a nice golden hue. I chose 8 so that it was subdued and not attention grabbing on the road, but I have 3 strings of 8 to make it look full of lights. you need to run ground and power along each segment of lights seperately(use the extra wires you have with the light string you are cutting up) so that the next segment has 12 volts as well. Continue adding segments until you have a length you need or desire. Twist all the wires together and test for working, solder it together, wrap up with tape and decorate the wreath. I used velcro straps so I can remove it in a month easily. I run the wires along the inside of the hood until I can come in the passenger door and plug in the cigarette lighter. Next year I'll make an under hood switched power accessory plug for such sillyness. I recommend padding behind the wreath with a cloth of some type to keep it from scratching the car's paint. small strips will do and it will help hold it away from the car.

Voila! $6.00 later and 15 minutes work and you have a lighted car wreath that shows your festiveness far brighter than everyone else!
NOTES: remove it before Flying down the highway at 70mph for 2-3 hours. These are not designed for sustained high winds and will rip off or lose parts into other peoples cars. Also if you set fire to your car or damage it or yourself in any way it's your fault not mine. I also suggest checking it every day to make sure it still attached firmly. Nothing like explaining to a police officer how your home made wreath killed 30 seniors in a bus headed to a casino to ruin your holiday.


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