My new project (as if I needed one)

Ok, I got it in my head that the Fiero needs more power as well as some modifications. I love the automatic tranny but it's a 3 speed geared for 55mph. IT also has the GM 2.8 V6 in it that is known to not last many miles due to bad oiling designs. So I decided that I need to upgrade it a bit. I will be dropping a Camaro 3.4 in there along with a 4T60 overdrive transmission. along with some nice modifications to get 200-220 Horsepower out of the engine. I should be able to get near 35mpg highway and enough power to make lots of members of the big-tailpipe and wing crowd cry as they get left in the dust. The fun part is that I am planning on making it look as stock as possible while making things a bit more "pretty" adding chrome, paint and cleaned up wiring and hoses.

Yeah, I needed another project to take my time...