Grand Caravan controls reset

IF you lose battery power on your Van the AC and heater lights will flash at you until you pay the dealer from $45.00 to $120.00 depending on how big a thief the dealer is to reset it.

Fortunately, you can do it your self by performing the following steps. Start the engine, setting temp control to cold, with fan on high, and pushing the rear wash and rear wiper buttons at the same time until a bunch of the lights on the head unit start to flash.

It'll run the calibration/diagnostic test (2 lights flashing) then the cooldown test (2 other lights flashing). If all passes the rear wiper switch will flash alone. Push it to exit tests, and you're done.

Car dealers do not want this in the public as it "steals" money from them, I can't wait for dealers to try and sell cars with the hoods welded shut.