MXL BCD-1 Review : It's not really living up to all the hype and is more of a scam at their price point

I spent a month researching this mic and review after review said it was awesome.  I checked in forums, etc.  and everyone raves about it...  So I jumped in and ordered 4.    they arrived and in my testing, they sound great just like an SM58.   With the promise of better side and rear rejection at my small recording table I was ready for this better recording.....

Until real life happened....    People at a recording table don't sit quietly, they do things,  type on laptops, bump etc....   They touch the table.   and on that table previously with SM58 mics into $5.00 china cheap shock mounts on mid-level priced mic boom arms.....  it sounded good.   With the BCD-1's it sounds like utter garbage.    I hear every table touch and knock clearly in every single mic.  and worse there is a vibration ringing that I never knew was there in every single mic.

I was horrified,   these mics supposedly amazing mics with built-in high-end shock mounting are picking up every single noise on the tables.   It was at this point when I searched with the term,  "BCD-1 shock mount noise" that I found out that not a lot of people are actually using these mics.  I started asking questions in forums and was told of the amazing suspension inside and what I am describing is not possible..... so I took one apart.   Yep voided that warranty and took it apart....  And this is what I found.

That amazing space-age high tech shock mount is foam,  just a bunch of foam surrounding an SM58 clone capsule.   There is nothing special about these mics.   In fact, I found that the reported "better rear and side rejection" is also a lie.  These things function exactly like cheap SM58 clones, and just have a "pretty broadcast look".  Also they fail to have any real engineering in them as the top of the capsule goes directly into foam. ther eis no dead air headspace to cause air pressure to dissipate any plosives, so it has no engineering at all in it.  They are relying on a ton of foam and the thin foam cover to hopefully tame any plosives.   for it's size and apparent design it should eliminate any.  sadly it doesn't in any way.

SO in the sea of "ZOMG", these are amazing microphone reviews,  I'll be the one to tell you to not buy them.   It's not worth the price,  buy the $9 to $18 SM58 knockoffs and the cheap shock mounts and get the same if not better audio for your podcast or broadcast or recording.  This thing just does not deliver on any of the claims out there. The reviews are not actually people using them,  they just plug them in for 15 minutes to record their podcast and back in the box they go.  

 I'm now stuck with 4 of them that will most likely live in a closet until I can find a sucker... I mean someone interested in some broadcast audio microphones that are awesome from MXL for a really good deal.

I have been asked what price point do I think these are not a scam.   $18.00  is what this mic is worth,  I would not pay more than that and understand it does not have any shock mounting or isolation at all, so ignore all the marketing surrounding it.