Installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 On a Sun X4100 server

IF you try to install Ubuntu server on a Sun X4100 M2 server you will get greeted with a blank screen and a "out of range" error after your first reboot after an install.   This is because of the RageXL video chipset on the motherboard and that linux for some wierd reason no longer supports these chipsets well.   There is a fix...

Do the install as normal, when it kicks out the Install DVD/CD at the end let it start the reboot and kick that disk back in.   restart the install but in a "recover mode" and go through until it asks what drive partition you want to boot from.  this drops you into single user mode on your fresh install.

go into /etc/default/grub and disable the graphical console.
then run the update-grub command and exit then reboot.

you now have a system you can actually get into....  now on to fix that damned network connection that for some reason did not work during install.