People panic really easily, Don't let their panic infect your life.

It seems that we have an Ebola case in Texas, and here I am, way up here in Michigan and people are already getting gripped by panic.  People typically do not think very rationally when they are concerned or worried.  Add to that Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt  whipped up by sensationalism media and you have a really good recipe for people to freak out and start hoarding things.  And once that happens it will snowball with others doing it just because it's happening.  If another case is found in Texas you can bet it will trigger panic that will cause disruptions.

I have seen this first hand several times in my life,  Most recently was last winter and the fear whipped up about a "Snowmageddon" snow storm causing people to clean out store shelves and a run on gasoline.  The storm turned out to be nothing, but the Weather channel and local channels worked that fear as hard as they could for ratings.   Anyone that had the sense to double check and go to the NOAA weather website could see that it was not that bad.  But it dod not stop the cascading effect to have store shelves empty, street traffic before the storm to be insane, and gas stations jacking the price up with lines around the corner.  But the same happened back on 9/11  People freaking out all over the place here in Michigan for no real reason, none of them directly were in danger.

Yes Ebola is scary.   Yes it's deadly.  but you have a better chance of choking on your doughnut on the way to work and dying in a fiery crash tomorrow morning than you do getting Ebola.   Unless you are currently in Africa or Lived with this guy in Texas.

So DONT PANIC...  if you really want to do something, go buy 12 cans of baked beans and a couple packs of toilet paper.

The only thing you really have to prepare for right now  is if people panic what will it do to you.  If you live where you get groceries every day on the way home from work,  people freaking out will interrupt your food supply.  So get enough to  wait out the insanity and keep it on hand.   Keep your car topped up in gas so you can go a few days without buying gas when it's jacked up in price and people are lined up for no real reason.