Why you should not buy an Xbox One

This is based on my personal experience with the new console in my internet situation.  I honestly believe that this is a trend that has probably infected all the other new gaming platforms or will shortly and only get worse.  And yes this is completely a first world problems rant, but also an indication that change is not always a good thing.

I live where you have limited internet choices, like a lot of Americans do  You have either Comcast or Frontier DSL.  Both here have so over sold their data, that from 4pm to 1am your internet speeds drop down to near dial up speeds.   I have actually resorted to using an LTE 4G USB dongle to record my podcasts as it's a lot faster and far more stable than the other options for internet access.  But this also means that the "next gen" of videogame consoles are a complete failure.  They require an always on high speed connection while playing or to even buy a game.   I recently bought an XboxOne and Forza 5, and after setting up my new purchase I had to wait 24 hours to play a game on it.   The XboxOne on it's own took 2 hours to update it's self when first turned on.  Then the game download of 20gig of data was needed to even play the $60.00 video game on this $500 game platform.

So I try to pass it off as an anomaly...  new platform needed major updates, and Turn 10, the company that makes the Forza series may have had a major update...    But no,  it's a trend that is getting worse.   titanfall needs a ton of always on data and is unplayable on any connection that is less than 10meg down and 1 meg up.... so DSL is not useable....  The same for the new Destiny game.. etc..  Plus these gigantic Games take 50gb on the tiny 500gb drive that Microsoft though was a good idea.    I have $120 burning a hole in my pocket as I want to buy a couple of new games, but nothing exists out there that I want to play because it's either online multi-player only (no interest in battling potty mouth 13 year olds)  or the game requires massive data incoming and outgoing to play it.   Microsoft is losing my money because I'll just spend it on Beer and Buffalo Wings instead.  It get's worse...  I try to buy a different game,   Wolfinstien: New world order and discover it as well is a blank disk that simply tells the machine to download 51gigabytes making it impossible for someone on DSL to play the game for 2 days.  And this same problem is noted all over the place,  http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2014/05/20/the-misadventures-of-trying-to-play-wolfenstein-the-new-order-via-ps4-digital-download/ for example talks about this problem on the PS4 so it seems that all the new game consoles completely and utterly suck if you want to play a game you just bought.  You have to wait a few days for it to finally get around to downloading it's self and taking up a huge chunk of the paltry 380GB left on your 500Gb hard drive. 

Update: I just bought and tried Wolfenstein: new order yesterday and I could not get it to install even after letting it download for 1 day straight.  Plus the forums are full of people complaining it will not install right and have to delete it and re-try several times.  No thanks;  glad  GameStop has a no questions return policy to return junk games like that.

So it seems that if you do not have the highest tier of internet and live in a city that is large enough to have full internet speeds at 8pm at night, your gaming experience on the current gaming systems will suffer.  And god help you if you live rural and have Hughes-net satellite internet.  I am in the demographic that the game companies really want to keep.  A game player that actually has money to spend on this frivolous past time,   I use it as a de-stresser when I can not be out on my motorcycle.  But I also advise a lot of people on technology purchases and I have to warn people away from the XboxOne if they live in a rural setting or anywhere your internet provider has oversold the available bandwidth, which seems to be most of them.

I guess I need to think about getting rid of my video game habit and dump the money into vintage BMW bikes......  Anyone know how to read German technical manuals?


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