RANT: Why do all Security DVR's have junk user interfaces?

I have been though 10 different Security DVR's in the past 5 years and there is a underlying theme for all of them.   Their user interface is horrible, both on the machine and on the web interface (if one exists)  From the $5500 top of the line units to the low end Zmoto $89.00 units they all have an interface that was designed by someone that was blind and has no education in programming or User Interface design.

There is a huge hole in the security DVR market for a company that can hire competent software programmers that can make a stable, fast, and easy to use Security DVR.    And lastly,  please HIRE employees that can translate from your country's native language to English and give them power over the programmers.  Having options such as  "Enable the Disable function?"  With the options of ON or NO  can not make any sense in even your native language.


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