Convert PDF ebooks to EPUB successfully.

Converting a PDF ebook into an epub that takes up less space and is more convertible to other formats can be a nightmare.  Most PDF ebooks are poorly designed and not really for reading on an ebook reader, so the conversion process will be messy.  You need to be able to edit the epub easily to fix the problems...  And I found the combination.

First start with downloading Calibre.   This is the best ebook converter out there.   Get the latest version and set it up.   This works on MAC Linux and Windows.   Next we need to install an epub editor.   Sigil is the best choice here as it's more WYSIWYG and makes it manageable to fix the mess that some "clever" PDF document builder created.

Now convert the PDF in Calibre to an epub.  Default settings.   Open that created epub in Sigil and now start fixing each file.   removing page numbers and other irrelevant things.  Make sure the TOP of each file has a proper "chapter name"  and when you are done cleaning everything up,  generate a new Table of contents.

All done.   I fixed a 10 chapter ebook today in less than 15 minutes.  Now I can convert it into a format that will look great on a Kindle.