Solar getting closer to the common man.

The market now has micro grid tie inverters available.  Instead of being wired in they actually plug into an outlet in your home.   For under $350.00 you can get a kit on ebay that will generate 110watts at peak and power loads in your home directly or if you are not using power, run the meter backwards.  These smaller kits are a Guerilla way to get some solar power in your home and reduce your electrical use (on the 110V side.   none are 220 volt to make up for the central air compressor)

I am unsure of the safety, but they are fused and will be running behind the circuit breaker in your home.  No american companies are making them, they all seem to be china manufacturer.  But even 50 watts for 8 hours a day is 5 amp hours you dont have to pay for.  from the amount of sun I had this past month, I would be not paying for about 100 amp hours of electricity.

No it's not a lot,  in fact it's about $1.00 in power.


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