New cellphones and a conundrum...

I carry an iPhone 4S and a Nexus HSPA+ phone.   yes two smartphones.  I know android very well as well as iOS.  and I have learned that most of the fanboys on both sides are massive liars.   Granted Android had MAJOR problems before Jellybean.   I carried a gingerbread phone for a while and it sucks.  gingerbread had a lot of problems ,and the cellphone makers are scumbags at not releasing OS updates.  But the Google Nexus HSPA+ changed my opinion.   It works great, as good as an iPhone.  Well not the camera,  the 4S camera is still the best camera, but it's not bad.

My problem is my wife's old 3GS iPhone is nearing the end of it's life, and I don't know what to get her.   Before this summer it was a no brainer.   iPhone,  because she would smash a gingerbread android phone in frustration. But Jelly Bean has changed all that and changed it hard.  It's as easy to use as the iphone, stable as the iphone on the Nexus hardware, and all the apps she uses are on it.  Plus we still have the iPads to use the iOS apps we bought.

So do I spend $500.00 on a new iphone 4S for her, or $350 for a Google Nexus?  no I'm not going to do the dumb subsidised phone, I want the phone unlocked and my property and not hijacked by the cellphone company,  no the iPhone 5 is not even an option..

Both phones are great. and both platforms now are as easy to use as the other.   It all comes down to money as they are both equal now.   Except for the integration with iCloud from her phone to iPad..   I need to look and see if she is using that.


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