More Android for the iPhone guy.

Well it's been a few weeks,  There are aspects of this Dell Streak that I love.   The screen size for one.  Honestly, I want a 5" screen 16X9 iPhone.  I also love that I can buy an app that will filter out robo calls or telemarketing calls with rules.  it even blocks SMS messages from unwanted senders.  Apple really needs to allow this function on the iphone.

What I dont like.   Not being able to answer the phone every 10th or 15th call.  It's not all the time, but enough to be annoying. After searching, this is a normal problem with android.  That's an epic fail.   I also do not like the fact that you can lock up the whole phone hard with an app.   I have only been buying apps from the App store, so these should be safe and vetted.   They in reality are not.  I don't like the feeling that I can't download an app as it might crash my phone, so I need to spend a day trying to research it.

Oh, I do like the power and bandwidth control apps.  I dont have to watch how much data I use as the phone will do that for me, and it can automatically turn radios on and off based on coverage or rules to significantly extend battery life.   I am sure that I can go 3 days on a single charge if I tell it to be very agressive on power saving.

finally the voice dialing is atrocious.  iPhone owns android on voice control of the phone.  one long BT  headset press and I can tell the iphone " Call Brad" and it responds with "Brad pitt,  call mobile or home?"  I say mobile and it says, "calling brad pitt mobile..."

Android tells me nothing, it just starts dialing a random number and I hope I get the person I want.

So far,  it's still a phone that I would not give my wife.  Android requires a lot more "techie-ness" to be happy with it.


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