iPhone guy tastes Android.

Ok, now I did it.  I carry two iPhones, and got tired of having the same thing so I replaced my old 3GS with an android phone.  I found a great deal on the much despised Dell 5" phone.  And discovered two things.

1 - the "freaking huge phone" is not that huge, and the large size actually makes it easier to use than any other phone.  I think the failure of the phone is based on other reasons (why use a special 30 pin connector for charging? lack of real Dell support, etc..) and the fact that they did not have people touching and using them.

2 - Android Fanbois know absolutely nothing at all about iPhones.  iPhone fanbois know absolutely nothing at all about Android phones. 

Android is a "techie version" of the iPhone. It lets you do things the iPhone will not, which is great for me, not great for the wife.  I love some of the customization that lets you change how things work as I have no problem adapting to new and changing things.  My wife on the other hand adapts well but will get frustrated quickly if something does not work the same every time.  And Android does have that.  Developers are not limited to a specific set of rules, so they can change things on a whim that will frustrate a novice tech user.

Right now my favorite thing is the call blocking apps, It's primary time in Michigan so we get to have republican telemarketing calls to our cellphones.  I have an app that will blacklist a number if it's on the global list and let me blacklist one that was not and now it's blocked on other phones as well from my report.  This is a feature I wish the iPhone would allow.


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