Why I like Old tech....

I sit here this weekend with several very expensive things broken that is making a part of my life a bummer.   I am a Crestron programmer and AV expert.  I have in my home Crestron automation and a Crestron Whole house audio system, their new-ish but recently discontinued AADS.   6 sources and 6 zones,  enough for my house.  But it's dead,  everything looks like it works but none of the speaker outputs are working.   it's only 2 years old and already dead.  I have some older Crestron gear that is well over 10 years old that is still going strong.  it's out of date but it was built to quality standards instead of cost standards.

and this is what bugs me about new electronics and tech.  Laptops from 6 years ago are still running strong, yet a 2 year old HP is on death's door.  My old ZENITH TV lasted 35 years,  My panasonic plasma lasted 24 months.

Heck I have a 26 year old Pontiac fiero that has needed far less repairs than the 2001 Aztek, the 2003 Grand Caravan, or anyone elses GM car made in the past 10 years.

it is because companies are not making things to last for with an eye to quality or doing it right.   they are making things where profit margin is the #1 driving force in it's design and manufacture.

And it's why I am starting to NOT buy anything new anymore.  I need things to last, not be disposable.  Even very high end companies like Crestron are starting to make low quality products to meet profit margins and price.  I cant afford their profit margins anymore.  It should last until I throw it in the goodwill donation box.


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