My beef with current technology...

I have a PC, an iPad and an iPhone.   yet I cant have something on one device sync to the others.   For example,  On my PC I look up recipes and find a couple of good ones,  I cant send them to my ipad or my iphone.  and if I select them why cant the ingredients needed get put into my grocery list that is on my iphone for me automatically?   Why cant I do my grocery list on my ipad and then leave for the store with the list on my phone?

None of this is technically impossible. in fact it's all technically highly possible, but it seems that nobody in software and hardware wants to cooperate to make things work well and give everyone that "future world" or jetsons kind of life.   Apple could care less about what I do on my PC,  and app developers are not interested in communicating with each other.  Most of the time it's actually the opposite. Software makers go out of their way to make sure they are incompatible with other software and hide their data formats to try and force you to use their product forever.

I want integration.  I want my technology to do what it should.   Sadly I dont think it will ever happen.