The Death of CableTV... It's here now, and yes it's decent.

Ok I tried it. I have been using the future of TV for a week now and it's very acceptable to me.

It's Netflix + Hulu Plus on a Roku box. For Massively less than the price of Cable TV I get Internet + Movies on demand + TV on demand. Most of the TV shows I want to watch are On Hulu and Netflix. The $59.00 Roku box is all that is needed to get both in 720p goodness (News flash, your cable TV or satellite is in 720p, I don't care what the box tells you, the signal you receive is 720p) so I can get one for each of the TV's in the house.

Granted, you can NOT watch things on all 3 tv's in the house at once, it saturates the internet connection, but the chances of it happening are -10% Even with guests over there is zero chance of it, it's a non issue. Families that hate each other and have 6 or more TV's so the kids never need to see the parents may have an issue but most families will not. It's mostly convenience for us. One for the bedroom, one for the Game room and one for the theater. I could get away with one for the game room+theater, but it's more expensive to do the video switching and cabling than it is to get a third roku box.

It's interesting, you have about 1-3 weeks to watch back episodes of TV shows. so you can browse and watch what you want.

What I dont like is that I cant have a "favorites" list of tv shows I like so I dont have to go searching for the shows. I can make a playlist but that is for specific show episodes.

Hulu Plus is $7.99, Netflix multi device is $14.99 and a fast internet connection is $39.99...

$63.00 a month for high speed Internet and all the TV I want to watch. Cant beat that with a stick.

This is the start of the death of Cable TV.


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