Ipad screen "protector" installation

I have read all the reviews and everyone says that ipads screen protectors are impossible to put them on. so I decided to let my secret out on how to do these perfect every time.

First I used the Speck brand anti glare screen protector, this is one of the best you can buy and they are slightly smaller than the screen so they do not end up edge bubbles.

Once you pull the sheets off of these, they create a gigantic static charge and will attract every speck of dust. so the ONLY place to install one is in the bathroom AFTER you have ran the shower on super-hot for a few minutes to make the room 100% humidity. then stop the shower, have the fan off and shut the door, let it all cool down and the dew to fall. This will clean the air completely and give you a near clean-room environment. you also need to make sure you have no dandruff ready to fall AND your clothes are clean and dust free... Honestly doing this in the bathroom in your underwear is best if you want to avoid dust specks.

Now clean the ipad heavily, q-tip the edges to get rid of any crud or dust. clean the screen, set it down, wash your hands and clean it again. you need your hands dried out and oil/grease free.

I set the ipad on a clean microfiber cloth on the clean counter. I then follow their instructions using a credit card to spread the edges, do NOT try to lift to readjust, be sure as you can to get the starting edge with the button hole aligned and right first. slowly lay the sheet down revealing only a little of the sheet at a time, careful to not crease it. rub the bubbles out as you go, dont rush.

I then let the screen rest for a few minutes, attack the bubbles if any and press along the edges.. then remove the top cover sheet to expose the screen.

I love the anti glare screens as the super shiny ipad screen looks great on a shelf but stinks in real use.

you must do this in a bathroom prepped like I listed above, if you try this in your living room or kitchen table you will get dust particles and as soon as they touch the screen protector it's ruined.