Energy "shots"..... oh and changes for 2011

I tried several of these "energy shots" lately and I notice a theme in them. they all taste HORRID. They are nothing but a huge dose of corn syrup with some vitamins and guarana+caffeine. I get better results by taking my daily vitamin and a nice large travel mug of home brewed coffee. Honestly, why do people drink things that taste that bad that really do nothing for them at a premium price. These things are an epic fail for anyone with tastebuds. YUCK!

2011 will be an interesting year. Analog sunset is in effect, this means that HD content providers can hold you hostage and disable the component video out on your Bluray player. Why? Well because you are a evil dirty consumer that will copy that precious content.... They ignore the fact that all Blurays are copied from the disc in a computer. This invasive DRM measure rang in the new year, all it means is that I have another reason to not buy a BluRay player. I'll stick with ripping the discs in my laptop and put the HD mpeg4 file on my media player for enjoyment.

Netflix looks to be kicking it in hard, I really hope this means that streaming content will become commonplace. My dream is to be able to subscribe to TV Shows and not networks. 90% of what NBC does is of no interest to me. Cable TV and Sattelite TV is overpriced for what we get. I would rather give my money to the guys that make the TV shows.

Speaking of giving money, Poineer One an indie TV show is gaining speed and strength. Run completely on donation they have enough money to continue filming and is producing some top quality drama. I strongly recommend watching episode 1 and 2. These guys are proof that you don't need a network or to be on CableTV to be a success. Same as with what Leo Laporte is doing with the TWIT network and the Revision3 group is accomplishing. This stuff is the future of TV...

This year is also the year of the "meee tooo!" tablet/Pad ipad copies. The past year has released nothing but dismal failures from Android tablets because of really bad hardware designs. Hopefully this year we get a company that has a clue to make one that is fast, well built and has a full version of android and not a crippled version.