Android car stereo update..

Got it running in a VM, I'll get the hardware on it's way and start a live build soon. My current vehicle cant use a double din so I'll have to use a lilliput flip out touchscreen and a microITX in a seperate box as the brains. FM radio is possible as the dash-pc guys have built one that costs $200.00, which moves it way down my list. I do not listen to FM radio except for NPR on saturdays. So Mp3's and podcast only capabilities will be first to get working as well as Sirius radio. GPS will be a no brainer, and navigation should be easy with the ton of android nav programs out there.

That is the exciting part. as soon as it's working I'll have a RAFT of apps for my design instantly. That's something that none of the other car computer guys can say or have.

Basing this on Android is a HUGE advantage.