Cool tent....

got me a very cool tent for camping. No you will not be backpacking this one. It's a 2 person "cot tent" from cabelas. We went to their store in Chicago and found one on the "clearance" section for less than 1/2 the price of new. It had a stain and scuffs as if someone bought it, used it, and then brought it back. They normally cost over $290.00 plus shipping and at 50+ pounds due to a steel frame that can hold nearly 600 pounds shipping will be expensive. The cool part is it takes 30 seconds to set it up, and 30 seconds to tear it down. No more 20 minutes to pack the tent in a rush or 40 minutes to pack it right. I am sure it will fit on the motorcycle trailer for some great 2 up camping trips. It is very comfortable. both of us in it feel comfy and have enough room to turn over without bopping the other person. it is set so that two guys can sleep in it head to feet, It has cup holders and stuff pockets at each end. Plus it has a full rain fly with flaps that can be staked out for sleeping in a strong thunderstorm. My only concern is any splashing rain getting the underside wet, I wish the rain fly went all the way to the ground.

Heavy, bulky, and it wont fit in the back of the Aztek without lowering the seats. BUT it will fit on top of a larger motorcycle trailer as it's 53" wide by 32 inches by about 7 inches folded.