Period Camping, fall faires, and unemployment.

Well, I've been busy. Lost my job to the monster that is the economy. had to replace the entire ignition system on my motorcycle, and had a Fall Ren Faire to go to. Starting with the Faire, I ended up as the "camp cook" and have been enjoying it quite a bit. It's rather fun to make a huge pot of beef stew and feed everyone in the camp.

I decided that if I am to continue Faire stuff, I need to make it myself. I need period boots, but I am unwilling and unable now to part with $350.00 for a good pair of boots, Becoming unemployed really cuts your income down hard. So I'm learning to make shoes in my spare time between job searches and duties at home.

Most of my other projects are on hold until I get a new job, I am probably going to have to relocate as Michigan is the worst place to get a job, It's been this way in the state for 5 years now, I really feel bad for people that own a home here and lost their jobs. They have to destroy their credit to live by walking away from the house and let the bank take it. You cant sell a house unless you give it away around here, and if you don't have a job, you cant get a job that will pay enough so you can pay your $800.00 a month house payment.

I'm keeping my spirits high. I'm very employable and a job somewhere will turn up, I hate the idea of leaving my friends behind, but I have to work.


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