My first Mead.....

Got a OK deal on some Michigan wildflower honey. I'm gonna make my first mead.

Here is my base recipe...

10 Lbs of Wildflower honey.
2.5 Gallons of clean water
2 teaspoons of Yeast Nutrient
2 teaspoons of yeast energizer
1 packet of Lavlin 71b-1122 yeast

I'm going to heat the honey and water to the 180deg mark simply to mix the honey and water better. Let it cool in the fermenter for a day with a couple of crushed camden tablets just to be sure. then pitch in the yeast + last ingredients and give it a stir.

Ferment for 3 weeks or until done bubbling, rack, let sit until clear, bottle it.

This is a very simple Recipe for a plain medium/sweet yeast. Good starter and well tried. as I have over $30.00 in honey invested. I wont be giving this one away as much. Too much money invested. when all done I'll have $3.00 per bottle in ingredients and consumables alone, plus $1.00 for the bottle and $0.10 for the cork. No freebies for everyone this year.

as soon as my yeast shows up, I'm going to start the process. I will also start a cider at the same time using the same yeast.

I really wish I could find a local farmer that would sell it in a larger quantity for cheaper.

Note: I was harsh on batch 3. After aging it has mellowed a LOT. becoming drinkable as it ages. Let's see how it tastes at 6 months.


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