Updates on my cider/apfelwein....

Batch1- what I considered a failure because in the bottles it had a TON of sediment and it was cloudy because of being made from freshly squeezed and unfilted cider ended up far better 6 months after bottling. I opened a bottle and shared with friends and being dry, it was still fantastic.

Batch2- I was worried about. I had a bottle explode. Soooo, I opened one and we drank it. It's carbonated, so I bottled too soon. it's crystal clear, no yeasty taste and a very little sediment in the bottles, but's it's fizzy! I need to do something before more wine bottles start shooting corks. It is far dryer than when I bottled it, this means I bottled way too early. 6 weeks is TOO EARLY! Still it tasted far better and had a LOT of flavor due to using a high concentration of the frozen stuff. I am very happy with the results, I need to make the process better.

Basically 6-8 weeks ferment. Rack into a clairification bottle and let set for another 4-6 weeks. This is the process I am using for batch 3.

If batch 3 comes out perfect then batch 5 will be ramped up to a 10 gallon batch. Batch 4 will be a repeat of batch 2 using batch 3 process modifications.