HDDVD/ BluRay now rippable at home.

I finally started testing and researching how to rip HDDVD/BluRay to HD mp4 files. I've been meaning to but no linger making 80 grand a year kind of hurts the hacking budget. I came across a XBOX360 HDDVD drive at meijer for $15.00 and said, what the heck.

I found that Ripbot264 is the only workable solution right now. I tried it manually with all the other old school tools and only ripbot does this right. You MUST have a windows XP box with anyDVD and Ripbot and LOTS AND LOTS of hard drive space.

I am ripping my first real run (king kong hddvd that came free with the HDDVD drive) with it and will report back here how well it worked and what settigns I found to be useful