End of Summer....

It's the end of summer, days are shorter, nights colder, time to start thinking about winter. YUCK.

My favorite time of year is Fall. I love the colors, the clean smell of the air, how it's not hot and steamy anymore. And this year I get to add a new twist riding on the motorcycle. This adds a new twist. 68 degrees is great standing in your yard, at 60mph it's cold! I now understand why motorcyclists wear heavy leather jackets when I think it's warm out. To them it's not! Anyhoo, I am really liking this bike thing. I have logged at least 1000 miles since I got the bike. I have fixed a few problems myself saving at least $1500.00 in repairs, and have a couple more problems to fix. Headlight is dim in low, but nice and bright on the high beam, sO I ride with the high beam on but adjusted down. Breaks are good, I can lock up the tires after disassembling the system cleaning and reassembly+bleeding. A couple of other minor problems and It really needs the carbs synched.

Along with that though comes a slowdown at work. not many construction or remodel projects are in the winter. I am kind of worried that my hours will go down again making things tight. I really hate the instability of small business. That's one thing I do really miss of working at a fortune 100 company.... stability. You are fairly certain that the doors will be open tomorrow...

Oh one final note... I discovered the Windows mobile 6 google maps app. This is really cool as it allows me to do all the google map goodness PLUS traffic all right there on my phone!


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