Make a survival kit for camping/sports

Thoughts of camping and the outdoors coupled with my addiction to watching "survivorman" got me thinking about updating my first aid kits and survival kits. Most people venture out to the great outdoors without most of what they need. I found an EXCELLENT kit design that has everything you need on a website while randomly searching the net.... Home Made Survival Kit Has a great design. I personally would add a few other items. A few thin packets of antibiotic cream and sunscreen packets. I would also put the lighter in a container just in case the whole pack get's wet. (put all of it in a ziplock or two will also keep it all dry AND give you a pair of ziplock bags for carrying water.) I would also add a carb source/ useful item... a 1/2 pack of gum. Gum is useful for many things (works as bait as well) plus a few grams of carbs will keep you going a bit longer when you have not ate for the past 2 days, the sugar will be a huge but short energy boost.

Honestly the kit needs to be very VERY small. small enough so you keep it on you all the time when you are hiking camping and traveling. Too bad nobody sells a 2 person tent that can fit in your pocket. But you can make a super small one that is missing many items but is good to always have in your pocket. Field and Stream pocket Kit


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