Beginning of a new year

Happy new year!.. well yeah... I cant get in that holiday spirit and everyone I know feels the same. From Thanksgiving to New years, everyone is "yeah, whatever" about the holidays. Is it the over commercialization of the holidays finally has eaten everyones souls? Is it that 2006 actually sucked for most people? Or is it that as we age we realize that the end of the year really is not that special... Friends and family are nice and welcome , but the expectations of the season wear on me. Buy this, gifts that, gimmie, gimmie.... It tires me. My wife and I both felt the same this year. We did not buy each other much as we value time with each other more than things. Although she spent the last 3 weeks sick with every flu and cold that came through. I sit here in Jan. 1 2007 and it's nothing special to me.. Any changes in my life are based on what I do and decide not the change of a number on a calendar.

Maybe this is the part of getting old. WE start seeing the folly of what others do or the wasted energy of the youth who think the holidays are for making everyone happy....

only you can mane you happy. I guess the old fart in me is starting to awaken.... Or that is simply last nights pizza rolls.