Tired of the hybrid-elite

Ok, getting my morning half-caff,half-decaf latte with 2 shots of sugar free vanilla plus skim milk frothed, I find standing there at the yuppie coffee counter a couple of guys talking about hybrid cars and how nothing can touch them in efficency. One was driving the tiny Honda Insight the other in a Prius. I was getting some good amusement out of their blatent lack of understanding of how cars work until one of them said... "It's the efficency! nothing before the Insight broke the 40mpg barrier!" I had to butt in... I cleared my throat and mentioned I have something in the parking lot that proves him wrong and there have been, in fact tons of cars that have been able to get over 40MPG and even farther without any special electric mumbo-jumbo. After explaining that I get a measured 44 highway and 40 city in my 4 door metro and that the 2 door get's about 6 miles per gallon more milage compared to it, AND they have been around cince 1989. Oh yeah, Citreon in france made a car that got nearly 60 mpg in the 60's, oh yeah, the smartcar is all over europe and canada getting 50-60 mpg, VW TDI, etc.....

all without complex computers, electric drive and synergy transmissions and a pesky battery pack that everyone knows has a very limited life... I also pointed out as I grabbed my yuppie coffee from the counter, non hybrid efficent cars cost far far less and are much cheaper to own and operate.

Today is starting out great for me :-)


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