telephones, VOIP, family and Gripes

I recently purchased phone service through a company online. broadvoice is a VOIP company that has much lower rates and are much friendlier to advanced users than Vonnage. They allow me to have 100% control over my equipment, something that vonnage violently refuses to do. This gives me the ability to use a piece of linux based technology that is purely amazing. Asterisk, specifically astersik@home distribution. it's brain dead easy to install and it allows me to combine my broadvoice and Verizon POTS line into one setup so I can have all phones in the house ring normally but block telemarketers, add phone number blacklists (for telemarketers that get through) and have advanced stuff that only the richest companies can afford on their phone systems...

The funny part is that I am thinking of ditching my regular phone line and getting another broadvoice line... 2 phone lines for 1/2 what I paid verizon a month for their lowest cost service.

so far family acceptance of the new setup is great, lynne can dial anyone for free, and jami get's a kick out of her own voicemail box.

finally, I purchased a used engine over a month ago from a company calling it's self E and E auto service in wiscasset, ME. i strongly suggest that anyone ever thinking of buying from them or dealing with them to avoid it at all costs. I STILL have not recieved my engine, they have repeatedly lied to me abut shipping it and still will not provide proof they shipped it.

They had my money on time, but decided to dink around and lie about shipping it weekly.

steve Spaulding is the owner of E and E and it's probably his scummy business practices that is the cause of the problems. Avoid them. they are not trustworthy.