More on car efficency

Ok, I'm on a mission here. I am going to try and get higher fuel economy out of the geo by using some of the tricks that performance people use.

think about it, if I reduce the amount of horsepower used up by vehicle components, like power steering, alternator, air conditioning, and the smog pump that is less fuel used to power those items.

My first trick is to make a custom pully to drive the power steering. by reducing it by 23% and replacing the heavy steel pully with a much lighter aluminum pully I should be able to save close to 6 horsepower which should translate to almost 0.5 mpg. disabling the Daytime Running Lights should also translate to another 0.5 to 1 mpg as well as completely removing the air conditioning. That's 1.5Mpg already! These will add up with the modifications I spoke about below. looking at adding nearly 15mpg with these modifications is exciting!

I am betting that if I think about these factors carefully I could increase the average MPG of this car to near 55MPG peaking well into the 60's, a rating that even the hybrids can not touch in real world use.

I need to research high miles per gallon vehicles and what tricks they are using to get these figures. timing adjustments and air/ fuel modifications may also yield more gas mileage.... It might be time to justify that odbII scanner so I can monitor engine sensors.

I am also wondering if the performance gain by opening up the intake and exaust paths will translate to fuel savings when driven sanely.